True Blue Aussie Nicknames for Friends, Family, and Partners

Published March 31, 2021
Australia flag thongs or flip-flops on an Australian Beach

Australian nicknames are as diverse as the land Down Under. So, it can take a bit of sleuthing to narrow down appropriate nicknames for your friends and relatives from Oz. To help, here are 100 authentically Aussie nicknames for girls - and boys.

Australian Nicknames for Girls

From nicknames for sisters to nicknames for a girl's best friend, there are oodles to choose from. And every taste is covered, with cute nicknames for little ladies to laugh-out-loud, funny nicknames for big girls.

Aussie Nicknames for Baby Girls

Cute, sweet nicknames abound for baby girls, as they do for baby boys. You want a baby girl name that's as adorable as they are, whether they're a newborn baby or a little girl.

  • Snugglepot (book character created by Aussie author May Gibbs)
  • Cuddlepie (another May Gibbs book character)
  • Happy Little Vegemite (Aussie food staple)
  • Koala (Aussie animal)
  • Gum Leaf (Aussie plant)
  • Blinky (character from Aussie kids' book Blinky Bill)
  • Happy Feet (Australian-produced film)
  • Peach (character in Australian-produced movie Finding Nemo)
  • Lamington (Aussie cake variety)
  • Fairy Floss (Aussie cotton candy)

Aussie Nicknames for Sisters

Picking a good nickname for your sibling takes a little digging, whether you're after an old-fashioned nickname, a funny nickname, or something in between. And they can certainly have as much spunk as boy names.

  • Little Lunch (Aussie TV show)
  • Wiggle (honouring Aussie children's act The Wiggles)
  • Fairy Bread (Aussie food item)
  • Joey (Aussie word for 'baby kangaroo')
  • Wattle (Aussie flora)
  • Lilly Pilly (Aussie flora)
  • Tim Tam (Aussie biscuit brand)
  • Muriel (honouring Aussie film Muriel's Wedding)
  • McLeod (in tribute to Aussie TV show McLeod's Daughters)
  • Shrimp (honouring the 'shrimp on the barbie' saying from an Aussie TV ad)
Australia Day tattoo saying OZ with flag pattern on a child's arm.

Aussie Nicknames for Mums and Caregivers

It's fun to unearth great nicknames for parents, in particular the woman who raised you. Among these short names could be just the word you're looking for, no matter if you're a son or daughter.

  • Molly (character from Aussie soapie A Country Practice)
  • Quiche Lorraine (Popular Aussie food item)
  • Esme (character from Aussie soapie A Country Practice)
  • Dory (character from Australia-set animated movie Finding Nemo)
  • Mamamia (Aussie media company)
  • Gillard (honouring former Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard)
  • Noni (in tribute to Aussie actress Noni Hazlehurst)
  • Mrs. Mangel (character in Aussie soapie Neighbours)
  • Cracknell (after Aussie actress Ruth Cracknell)
  • Mem (in the spirit of Aussie kids' author Mem Fox)

Aussie Nicknames for Female Friends

Forget popular nicknames. You want a cool nickname that truly epitomises your lady friend. Study her for inspiration. Maybe she has a bunch of middle names, a posh air, brown eyes, loves a cartoon character, or something else entirely…

  • Margot (after Aussie actress Margot Robbie)
  • Elle (inspired by Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson)
  • Singing Budgie (nickname of Aussie singer Kylie Minogue)
  • Avo (Aussie slang for 'avocado')
  • Jamface (Aussie food brand)
  • Barbie (slang for 'barbecue')
  • Emma (honouring Aussie kids' performer Emma Watkins)
  • Thorn Bird (in tribute to Aussie author Colleen McCullough's novel, The Thorn Birds)
  • Thong (Australian slang for 'flip-flops')
  • Sanger (Aussie slang for 'sandwich')
Friends eating in grass

Aussie Nicknames for Girlfriends and Wives

There are many terms of endearment that can be used for the woman in your life - sweetheart, angel, boo, love, bebé (the latter nicked from Spanish nicknames). When pondering pet names for your 'queen', consider whether you want a sexy nickname, honouring her feminine form, or something wittier.

  • Princess (honouring Australian-born Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark)
  • Apples (Aussie slang for 'she'll be apples'/'everything will be all right')
  • Pineapple (popular Aussie pizza topping)
  • You Beauty (slang to express joy)
  • VoVo (for Aussie biscuit brand Iced VoVo)
  • Kidman (in tribute to Aussie actress Nicole Kidman)
  • Pavlova (Aussie dessert)
  • Dorothy (character from The Wizard of Oz, with 'Oz' being slang for 'Australia')
  • Sheila (slang for 'woman')

Australian Nicknames for Guys

Nicknames for the blokes in your life are equally plentiful, whether they're your boy best friend, brother, or boyfriend. How cute, funny, or fabulous the particular nickname you land on is, is up to you, and what suits them to a tee.

Aussie Nicknames for Baby Boys

True blue Aussie terms can make for some of the cutest nicknames for your little boy. Finding an adorable nickname for your sweetie-pie little guy should be no trouble at all.

  • Ankle Biter (Aussie slang for 'child')
  • Billy (slang for 'Outback teapot')
  • Straya (slang for 'Australia')
  • True Blue (slang for 'genuinely Australian')
  • Tucker (slang for 'bush tucker food')
  • Bonzer (slang for 'excellent')
  • Brekky (slang for 'breakfast')
  • Fair Dinkum (slang for 'honestly')
  • Louie (honouring the Aussie TV ad character, Louie the Fly)
  • Tiny Teddy (in tribute to the Aussie teddy bear-shaped biscuits)
Baby boy and mother playing outside

Aussie Nicknames for Brothers

The perfect nickname for your bro will depend on his personality. You might be inspired by what he regularly raids the pantry for. Or if he's a bit of a comedian, you may prefer a raucously funny nickname.

  • Milo (Aussie drink brand)
  • Caramello (Aussie chocolate brand)
  • Weet-Bix (Aussie breakfast cereal)
  • Mozzie (Aussie slang for 'mosquito')
  • Pie Face (Aussie food chain)
  • Footy (honouring Australian Rules Football)
  • Warnie (after Aussie cricketer Shane Warne)
  • Hughesy (in tribute to Australian comedian Dave Hughes)
  • Larrikin (slang for 'maverick')
  • Arvo (slang for 'afternoon')

Aussie Nicknames for Dads and Caregivers

Regardless of whether you want a classic nickname or a unique nickname for the big guy in your life, the right nickname for him is, indeed, out there.

  • Alf (character in Aussie TV show Home & Away)
  • Barnsey (nickname for Aussie singer Jimmy Barnes)
  • Farnsey (nickname for Aussie singer John Farnham)
  • Wolverine (character played by Aussie actor Hugh Jackman)
  • Dundee (in tribute to Aussie film Crocodile Dundee)
  • Waltzing (nickname for Aussie rugby league player Matt Hilder)
  • Merv (nickname for Aussie cricketer Merv Hughes)
  • Battler (Aussie slang for 'working class')
  • Digger (slang for 'soldier')
  • Brock (after Aussie motor racing driver Peter Brock)

Aussie Nicknames for Guy Friends

Looking for an awesome nickname for your boy best friend? Following are some popular nicknames and cool nicknames that could suit a tall guy to a tough guy.

  • Cobber (Aussie slang for 'very good friend')
  • Mate (popular Aussie word for 'pal')
  • Daks (slang for 'trousers')
  • Drongo (slang for 'fool')
  • Irwin (honouring Aussie crocodile hunter Steve Irwin)
  • Flanno (slang for 'flannelette shirt')
  • Maccas (slang for 'McDonald's')
  • No Drama (slang for 'no problems')
  • Parmi (slang for 'chicken parmigiana')
Australian flag on face

Aussie Nicknames for Boyfriends and Husbands

Be warned; cute nicknames for your lover could have you envisaging imaginary babies with them (whether you have offspring already or not). From sexy nicknames to sweet, endearing, romantic nicknames, there are many terms of endearment that'll encapsulate your love for your babe.

  • Thor (character played by Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth)
  • Lollies (Aussie slang for 'sweets')
  • Ballroom (honouring Aussie movie Strictly Ballroom)
  • Frothy (slang for 'beer')
  • Cab Sav (slang for 'Cabernet Sauvignon')
  • Biccy (slang for 'biscuit')
  • Gnarly (surfer slang for 'awesome')
  • Pash (slang for 'kiss')
  • Runners (slang for 'sneakers')
  • Redback (Aussie spider species)

Inspiration for Aussie Nicknames Is Everywhere

There's a smorgasbord of Australian nicknames on offer. Irrespective of whether you're after nicknames for little boys, bigger guys, or girls, by having fun with it, you're sure to find a name that sticks in no time.

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True Blue Aussie Nicknames for Friends, Family, and Partners